Hindu MQM — منحوس کیڑوں مکوڑوں کو ووٹ نہ دیں

منحوس کیڑوں مکوڑوں کو ووٹ نہ دیں

Hindu MQM wants to divide Sindh







One Comment on “Hindu MQM wants to divide Sindh”

  1. Munawwar Hassan Khusra says:

    qadir magsi is the person who killed 300 mohajirs in hyderabad on 30 sep 1988, he was wants sindh as independant state.
    if MQM wants a province for Mohajirs there is nothing wrong in it.
    you are a jamat e islami worker but you are not mohajir, you are a pathan this is the reason you are against Mohajir Sooba.
    ummat akhbar aur jasarat ki jhooti khabrain post kernay walay jamatio per lanat, abu saad talkhaba etc sab tum hi chalatay ho we know that .

    Reply from the Editor,

    Qadir Magsi killed nobody. He is a peaceful man.
    Altaf Keera, Altaf Cockroach of Cockroach Britain has so far killed 20 Lakh people in Sindh.
    Altaf Cockroach is a son of a Harami Kanjri from Lukhnow. He is a Lukhnavi Harami.


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